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Modifying Trunk for Vending 
13th-Feb-2012 10:59 pm
I bought this trunk/footlocker last month with the intention of modifying it into immense awesomeness for vending- the goal being to have it end up being both functional (transporting my crap/stuff around) and aesthetically practical (displaying all the crap I've just transported), saving me a ton of time on set up as well as giving my booth a little more of a professional/unifying look.

Trunk. Plus Chim, for scale.
To avoid potential disaster, I've decided to ask you guys for some ideas/suggestions before I actually dive in. Here are some thoughts I currently have, in handy list format:

- My style's rather ooky spooky Halloweeny cartoony- I want to emphasize that
- Inside needs to be painted (paint/technique suggestions encouraged), or otherwise prettied up
- I need to attach a magnet board and something to hang necklaces on to the part on the left
- Need to put in 2 shelves (so 3 sections) on the right part...
- ...and rig displays on each shelf for comics, cards, and stickers+pocket mirrors
- Ideas for rigging lights for nightclub vending welcome as well
- Need to replace the hinges so the damn thing will open all the way
- No plans to do much to the outside- maybe a large sticker with my logo and website- but the outside won't be seen much during display

Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks!
(I did my best to be as vague as I could re: the stuff I sell, while still including the info I felt was relevant to this project. If there's anything I should edit out, please let me know and I shall do so as soon as I can :)
14th-Feb-2012 05:56 am (UTC)
Instead of painting (painting can be sticky and smell), why not line the interior with cloth (red Velvet would be a nice touch). You can buy a can or two of that spray in glue (the kind used to line car interiors)(I forget what it's called, but you can find it at any hardware store or craft store, and about 3 yards of material.

For the lights, try -) These L.E.D.'s from ebay (-...
14th-Feb-2012 05:59 am (UTC)
This is one brand of spray glue/adhesive from -) 3M (-...
14th-Feb-2012 06:27 am (UTC)
Oooh! I wonder how a thinner fabric like this might handle the glue? I actually use a dark/light grey stripe background on my website- this would fit in perfectly, if it would work...

Thanks!! :D
14th-Feb-2012 06:07 am (UTC)
As far as the painting of the inside, personally I'd opt instead for lining it with fabric with a Halloween-y design, something spooky but preferably something that will not distract too much from the merch. Hardware stores will custom-cut wood shelves in the size you want; I'd measure the dimensions of the inside to determine exactly what size they'd need to be. Depending what the trunk is made of (my trunk is some sort of plywood, I think), you could probably nail the shelves into place from the outside.

All this is off the top of my head, but that is how I can imagine going about it. Hope I helped!
14th-Feb-2012 06:30 am (UTC)
Now that it's been brought up I wonder if this sort of fabric wouldn't be too thin to glue. It almost matches my site background :D
14th-Feb-2012 06:36 am (UTC)
Not sure, if it's semi-sheer. But then again, if you're using the spray adhesive it might work. I'm not too familiar with that, but I think it would.
14th-Feb-2012 03:11 pm (UTC)
I should take photos, but I got an old Victorian steamer trunk years ago. It had mildew, so I jerked out all the rotten silk linings and soaked the surfaces liberally in Lysol repeatedly over a few weeks. (Spray-let dry-repeat, over and over and over.)

Once I felt it was no longer capable of more black grunge, I took an old book that had all these 'mystical' card layouts; it was an old book of reading regular game cards for fortunes. It provided lots of illustrations in which to decoupage every surface inside the trunk, including the drawers.

With your liking ooky-spooky Halloweeny stuff, you could colour xerox/photocopy cool old ooky-spooky designs and decoupage with those. The heavy, thick white glue that dries crystal clear that you apply the illos with can be used to put several layers of sealant over them. Let dry and enjoy!

Nechtan :)
14th-Feb-2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
If you're lining it with fabric, you might want to think about using a heavy-duty staple gun instead of glue. Or if you do use glue, maybe add a few strategically-placed staples here and there. I've had bad experiences using glue for a fabric lining, though- it leaked through, crusted up the fabric, wouldn't hold, etc. But ultimately, I guess it depends on the type/thickness of fabric and the glue you use.

Personally, I'd rather paint/decoupage with paper and then use a really good spray sealant. But like I said, me + fabric + craft glue =/= friends.
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