Schade um das Kind (estraye) wrote in craftygoths,
Schade um das Kind

Ideas for goth christmas gifts and decorations I came up with..

I was going to respond to this here post in craftygoths but my comment ended up getting really long so I decided to make an entire post about this instead since someone else might be asking themselves the same question - what to give to your goth (or goth-minded) friends on christmas without ending up pennyless.

Some things that make excellent christmas gifts and decorations for the holiday season include..
  • Christmas-gone-bad cards using selected christmas colours (red,black,etc) to create visions of murderous gnomes, cute goth dolly gnomesses/elves. Perhaps even butchered gingerbread men?
  • Gothy cupcakes are a guaranteed hit for gifts and you can make them in larger numbers to lots of people without much effort. Perhaps they might feature a bloody surprise (think dark red jam) under the crust? Black and red candy are cheap and easy decorations.
  • Chocolate sweets in romantic colours are the easy way to go. Choose a package with gothy colours or perhaps apply your favourite wrapping paper to the box with some glue? The folds are easy to hide underneath the trays, making your package look really original. Don't forget some lovely satin ribbon in black or red.
  • Red wine, for the ones you love more. You can create a simple gift by wrapping up only the part with the labels around the middle of the bottle, still making the wine a surprise until the wrapping is opened. Perhaps even make your own label - I'd love getting a bottle of "Fine selected virgin sacrifices". Again - ribbons!
  • Paper fold cuts - you know, you fold paper and cut it into a shape so it forms a ribbon of these shapes. Many use this technique to make "snowflakes" but it can be used for anything from wandering zombie silhuettes to skeletons. Buy hobby paper on a roll for longer pieces.
  • Exotic vintage glasses - there's nothing like drinking the "vintage blood" you just got out of a set of fine lead (crystal) glasses. And they make for excellent decoration around the year! You can find them cheaply in thrift stores. Decorated tea cups are also a nice goth gift.
  • Homemade stuffed toys. Small, simple designs can be made quickly (even sewing by hand) from cheap fabric of your favourite colours. The simplest type is to just create a stuffed ball and decorate it with buttons, ribbons, screws and the likes to form simple faces and hair.
If you can think of any other ideas, please comment either on the original post or here, since I'm very interested in what you came up with!
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