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Crafty Goths
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Welcome to the Crafty Goths community!
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12th-Oct-2011 10:07 pm - Time for decorations
Tools of the trade
I spent a lot of my time in the second half of September making Halloween decorations this year, mostly in the form of carving up foam pumpkins. (I’ve been wanting to for ages and finally decided to make sure it got done this year.) I found a couple of tutorials I liked and put my spin on three of them.

Right under here.Collapse )
chibi-suzi animated
My first free embroidery pattern. A cute little unicorn with a skull butt stamp. I'd love to see what people make with this. Enjoy!

Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

Download at my blog or print off from the link to Flickr above.
27th-Sep-2011 02:56 pm - Dear Bitsy - Etsy Shop
Louise Brooks
I've made a new skull in black!  His name is Derrick!  Come visit him and a bunch of other zombies in m etsy shop!

25th-Sep-2011 12:06 pm - Brain Hat (Work in Progress)
Crazy Caty Lady

One half down, one hemisphere to go.

Crochet and French knitting.

For side view:Collapse )
23rd-Sep-2011 06:10 pm(no subject)
Hey craftygoths! Got a few new fused dichroic glass pendants to show, and a small piece of geekery at the bottom

...And a few more...> <img src=Collapse )
9th-Sep-2011 08:00 pm - Dear Bitsy - Etsy Shop
Louise Brooks
Meet my newest creation, Gordon!!!  He, some zombies, and some more
creepy cuteness are all available on my Etsy Shop, Dear Bitsy

7th-Sep-2011 12:41 pm - PVC out for new dollie
i decided to have a go at making dolls clothes, i havent done since i was about 13
i was happy to find a dark haired barbie who could move her limbs!!
Shame she has lost her figure (and dress sense) but no love lost.

all hand sewn in front of telly (too lazy to get off bum to go to sewing machine, it was mid winter here at the time)
the skull necklace i used the last of my light siam swarovski crystals.
stretchy black lace for the insert and i sewed hat elastic around the turtle neck part to make it fit. and look a bit more goth

some pics

Pictures some are biggishCollapse )
I also made another wee necklace out of black beads on hat elastic with a black skull and it had white diamantes on it. cute!
I tried out these leggings and they look so cool! Brand new leggings are up in the shop! I'm so pleased with how these turned out. They look striped until you look closer.Elder Sign Dress!Collapse )

5th-Sep-2011 06:42 pm - New Art Pendants!
I'm so excited about these! The pendant settings were custom cut using my own design, so they're exclusive to my shop and you won't find them anywhere else! :D

Adorable coffin shaped pendants surrounded by bats, featuring the original artwork of The Zombified

Original Art Pendant Necklace by The Zombified

Two More!Collapse )
24th-Aug-2011 03:32 pm - Zombie Painting
Made a zombie painting the other night as part of a craft swap. :D

Zombie <3 brains

Zombies heart BrainsCollapse )
23rd-Aug-2011 02:31 pm - So pretty!
This looks great with a goth kimono :) I hope this pic is acceptable size because I don't understand LJ cut. Sorry for last expanded picture!
18th-Aug-2011 11:47 pm - New MASQ clothing
New items listed today!

The sale is still up: 20% off everything from MASQ Fashion shop with this code till August 22nd : MASQSUMMER2011

17th-Aug-2011 03:21 am - MASQ clothing sale

Sale: 20% off everything from MASQ Fashion shop with this code till August 22nd : MASQSUMMER2011

15th-Aug-2011 12:24 pm(no subject)
Hi everybody! Just wanted to show a metal filigree and fused glass cuff I just made:

Ankh winged
Arianna von Hannover of the von Hannover Mongooses is dressed to kill (and equipped with a sword and snake-charming recorder to hunt down cobras).

4 picsCollapse )

Full set of in-progress & result shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7760104@N06/sets/72157627231171333/

If you'd like to see my projects and show off your own, like Articulating animal skeletons and dressing them up in little outfits on Facebook!
10th-Aug-2011 04:29 pm - New MASQ clothing
New MASQ Fashion clothing!
Steampunk clothing and indie summer dresses.

8th-Aug-2011 03:21 pm(no subject)

I have some jewlry zombie related and also some regular cute cup cakes! I also have alot of zombie pin up paintings!


You can find me under SurgeryDefect on etsy and also a like page of Facebook under SurgeryDefect.org ! :)

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