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Into arts and crafts? Don't think that bats and skulls are limited to the month of October? Here's your place!

This community is for any type of crafts! Sewing, fabric crafting, glass working, beading, metal work, scrapbooking, you name it! You can check out the interests of the community for ideas, but they are by no means the only crafts we are interested in. Inspire others and get helpful tips.

Please read all of the rules! If you wish to introduce yourself, please do so in the comments of this post here. *Link*


1. All pictures over 400x500 pixels need to be behind an lj-cut.

2. Multiple pictures must be under an lj-cut.

3. Please keep your posts on topic about crafts community members will be interested in.

As to Advertising in this community

1. You can only posts ads IF you participate by posting NON AD projects and/or tutorials. So, in other words, you must be an active community member. At least one non ad post per month if you want to advertise. This will be checked frequently. If you haven't posted a non-ad entry a month prior to your advertisement, then you will have 24 hours to do so. If you've already been warned once before and you post a second advertisement breaking the rules you do not get 24 hours to change your entry and/or post a non-ad entry.

2. You can only post ads once a month. Please post relevant ads. Aka, something you MADE that might be of interest to craftygoths.

3. The title should also include [AD], so those who don't want to read them even with a cut, will know.

4. All ads should be behind a LJ cut. All of them.

5. If the point of an entry is to sell something and you've put a link to eBay, etsy or any sort of website or auction, it is an AD. If you just have pictures up so people can see the crafts you've made and happen to have a link to your own Livejournal (where you provide more information, aka prices, etc) then it's just shady enough to be considered a non-ad entry.

Members who break these rules more then 2 times will be removed from the community.

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